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Distribution has never been easier! We introduce to you our new cutting-edge software which simplifies the process, giving us more time to focus on providing fast customer support and ensuring high-quality control.

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Our new software solidifies our status as priority partners with leading DSPs, ensuring that your releases receive special treatment due to the consistently high quality of our deliveries.


Our token system safeguards against platform abuse and prevents harmful practices that can harm all users of a specific distributor.

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If you’re an independent artist who truly values the art we all create and wants it handled properly, you NEED to be on IndieMassive. This platform is changing the game.”


IndieMassive has been instrumental in the growth of my career. With their team’s guidance I went from a fresh brand with 0 streams to 10M streams, hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners and playing mainstages at festivals! The tools they provide give you all of the information you need to make calculated decisions that have noticable impacts on your catalog. I’ve never been more proud to be an indie artist!”


Actuation Music

Unreal.. We wondered how long it would take for someone to finally build a platform like this. The industry is changing and these guys understand how to stand at the forefront of the independent community and carve a path for artists and labels to follow for success. If you name a distro platform, we’ve probably worked with them and NONE of them can compare to IndieMassive – these guys are taking over.”



If you’re an independent artist who truly values the art we all create and wants it handled properly, you NEED to be on IndieMassive. This platform is changing the game.”



I was losing hope as an indie artist until I found IndieMassive. Since joining IndieMassive I’ve felt more encouraged than ever to be unique and have released some of my best music to date. This team is changing the industry!”