What if my song is a cover, mixtape, remix or mashup?

A cover song is a recording of a song that was previously written. If you plan on releasing a cover song then you will need to obtain the mechanical license from the original copyright owner. This can be done with easysong.com here – https://www.easysong.com/

You must have your song cleared via easysong.com before you distribute via IndieMassive.

Are samples or vocals from the original singer allowed? No. 

If your song is a mixtape, mashup or remix, you will also need to obtain the rights via easysong.com.

A soundalike cover song is one that sounds identical to the original. This can be perceived as deceptive and the song is likely to be hidden by many stores. If this is the case then please be wary that IndieMassive will not provide a refund.

Cover songs should NOT include the original performing artist in the track title or artist field.


  • Take It Easy (Originally Performed by The Eagles)
  • Take It Easy (Cover of The Eagles)
  • Take It Easy (Tribute to The Eagles)


  • Take It Easy
  • Take It Easy (Acoustic Version)