Promoting your music goes hand in hand with a proper promotional video.
Usually, artists promote the release before it’s out, and on or shortly after the release date.
Artists usually do this with an out soon video to generate hype for the release together with an out now video.

Finding the right video designer can be time consuming and expensive. You may just want to focus on making new music rather than spending time on finding the right video designer. That’s where the IndieMarket comes into play. We used many different designers, and made a partnership with the designer we felt is the best for the price/quality ratio.

We totally understand that you have a certain vision for the videos.
Simply write your ideas for the video in the comment section so the designer can
take these notes into account.

A Video Release Package includes the following:
– Out Soon Video Story Size
– Out Soon Video Feed Size
— Out Now Video Story Size
– Out Now Video Feed Size

$ 79


Release Video Package

$ 79

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